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Three dedicated Fort Worth citizens had the dream of creating a daytime haven for the homeless population of North Texas. Their passion for providing respect, trust, and empowerment through service immediately became the driving theme of this project. Our approach paired their dream of creating a daytime haven for the homeless with the paradigm of design as an instrument of neighborhood change. 

Glass wraps the building providing brilliant natural light while patios and a terrace overlook a generously vegetated front plaza. Research from the health and education sectors informed design decisions for property security, exterior glass ratios, and interior grouping strategies.

The large dayroom is the program centerpiece, providing seating for at least 100 people​ and bordered by glass counseling rooms. Design elements define cozy seating areas, for example, the seating grouped around a linear fireplace surrounded by limestone, and seatine integrated with a monumental stair that was fabricated on-site featuring raw concrete and black steel. Dining and locker room facilities are other major program elements, along with education and support services.

John Peter Smith Health operates the 15,000 sf community clinic in the east wing of the facility. The same warm and inviting interior palate flows throughout the space to welcome patients, family, and staff. The center includes a pharmacy, group learning space, eight exam rooms, and four dental pods.


Homeless Activity Center

& Health Clinic


Fort Worth, Texas


Summer 2016


HKS, SWA, Teague Nall & Perkins, Jaster Quintanilla, DFW Consulting Group Inc., Systems Design International

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