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Have you been working from your kitchen counter, dreaming about your next construction project? We have too. Whether your next project is a home, hotel, or Air BnB, here are our top 6 reasons why now is the perfect time to start your next construction project.

You're Already Home

Refreshed living spaces have been the buzz while sheltering-in-place. Now is a fantastic time to mark on a time-consuming project! You're likely stuck at home anyway in an attempt to self-isolate, and you have a little more time on your hands.

"Now is a good time to embark on a time-consuming project, given you're likely stuck at home anyway in an attempt to self-isolate.", 2020

Optimal Labor Prices

It's basic supply and demand. News channels like the Washington Post have been telling us that 'home construction activity nationwide has fallen significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak'. Capitalize on the under-saturated market and use the lull in your favor.

Material Availability

As fitness equipment and toilet paper experience shortages and surge pricing, construction materials have trended in the opposite direction. Funds saved on lumber and sheetrock can slide over to your finishes budget, and that dreamy countertop your heart is set on.

"Home construction activity nationwide has fallen significantly since the Covid-19 outbreak…. the slump in activity may work toward your advantage."

Washington Post, 2020

Seasonal Sales

Lighting, furniture, bath fixtures, you name it - it's on sale! This year's end-of-season sales have a surplus of merchandise, resulting in even deeper savings and better inventory. Your architect will have the latest information on who is offering the best merchandise and when.

Prioritized Focus

Right now, you have a high likelihood of receiving undivided attention. Enjoy watching as schedule books fly open, vendors offer valuable perks, and showrooms treat you to private viewings.

"Many pros have more time on their hands than they normally would - no commutes, site visits, show houses, or markets are keeping them from working on your project. ", Is Now The Right Time to Renovate? 2020

Personalized Service

Jackson Architects is excited to help you bring your dreams to reality. We are continuing to take consultations over the phone, via webchat, and in person.


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